About Adam


I guess I became interested in photography because of growing up camping. My family often drove to Colorado, Wyoming, California, etc. every year to see God's incredible creation. Naturally, we took many pictures to try to capture what we saw the best we could. I have been blessed to see many beautful places (yet haven't even left the country yet). Many photos of nature are impressive because of the scene itself, but after attaining my graphic design degree and having some formal education in photography, I have some more knowlege of how to make images appealing to people. I hope to use both natural beauty and creative digital manipulation at times to make the best images I can. I hope you enjoy them!

Photography Equipment

So far my equipment has included a film camera (SLR) and a Nikon E4600. I hope to buy a better digital camera like a Canon Rebel XTi or similar in the somewhat near future. Most of the pictures so far have been taken in the past 3 years.